Band Members
Peggy Hart, Accordion and Band Leader.  Peggy has played the accordion since she was 10 years old.  Classically trained, she
has won 71 trophies in her career.  Peggy is a devoted music teacher, teaching at community colleges as well as privately.  She has
been on stage with Myron Floren from the Lawrence show, and has toured nationally.  In spite of all of her accordion expertise, she
once put her accordion on upside down, and once she was fired for playing "House of the Rising Sun" in an Italian restaurant.  At one
time Peggy owned a cat named Bubba Beethoven Bitey-Butt who absolutely loved her music, but what did he know?  Peggy
retired from
New York State where she couldn't strap on an accordion.

Greg Hart, Bass Player.  Greg is another of our seasoned musicians, having started his career at 10 years old.  Playing locally at
first, Greg toured the states, playing guitar and keyboards with various bands.  He is the foundation of our music, providing the bass.

Dr. Sheldon Grand, Accordion and Publicist.  Sheldon took accordion lessons at a young age, but digressed after high school,
except to play for family and friends.  When he discovered Squeeze Play, he semi-retired as a professor of psychology and
practicing psychologist to join the band!  He says, "this is the most enjoyment and satisfaction I have had in 30 years!"

Arlene Ableman,  Accordion.  Arlene is an accomplished musician, having played the piano, organ, and accordion for many years,
before joining Squeeze Play a couple of years ago.

Ralph Brooks, Accordion.  Ralph is known for his solo performaces around the region at restaurants and festivals.  He is also a
member of the Legendary Characters Band which plays classic rock and country.  He has a special affinity for both Irish and Italian

Russ Patrician, Accordion.  Russ started lessons at age 7 and eventually played professionally with his father (Rube), a well
known area musician.  Russ has played many types of music, but his passion has always been Polish style polka music.  He has
played with many local bands and has also played with nationally recognized polka bands such as Jimmy Sturr.  He took a long
hiatus to focus on family life and recently joined the Squeezeplay Band.

Roland Tozer, Accordion.   Born and raised in Westerlo, NY, Roland has been playing the accordion for longer than he can
remember!  He loves Polkas, standards, and waltzes.  "Accordion is my passion!, he proclaims!  He is now retired from NYS DEC.

Russ Pokorny,   Accordion and webmaster.  Russ just took up the Accordion a couple of years ago, taking lessons at Old Songs
with Peggy Hart.  He has played the piano and Baritone Horn most of his life, playing the baritone locally with the Knox Town Band

and the Helderberg Quintet,
and playing the piano with the Traditional Strings.
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