Band History

There once was a band called Squeeze Play,

Who  practiced by night and by day.

They practiced so much, that they almost lost touch,     

As their fingertips all wore away....

"Our fingers do hurt, we need healing",

Was their cry, as the band began kneeling..

Now, I really must say, since they took time to pray,

Squeeze Play, once again, plays with feeling!
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A Partial List of Happy Listeners:

New York State Fair
Columbia County Fair
Albany County Fair
Athens Street Festival
Coxsackie Riverside Festival
Fourth of July Parade Troy
Fourth of July Parade Hudson
Glenville Oktoberfest
Albany Med Oktoberfest
Samaritan Home Oktoberfest
Albany Columbus Day Festival
Greene County Vietnam Vets Reunion
Civil War Reinactment Westerlo
Farmers Market Delmar
Firemans Home Hudson
Greenville Gazebo
Festival of the Trees Catskill
Coxsackie Xmas Walk]
Albany Med Xmas Show
Baptist Home Xmas Show
Grange Hall Westerlo
Weddings, Parties,
Nightclubs, Grand
Openings, Special
Events, Parades,
Concerts, Fund
Raisers, Picnics,
Squeeze Play will be
there to offer the
right kind of music
for your event!